photo of Capital Eyewear founder Steven

Before making sunglasses, I worked in video production with major retail brands. I got to travel, meet amazing people and document adventures with my camera. In many ways it was a dream job and I had no intention of leaving.

But as I learned more about the business of big retail, it was hard to understand why nearly everything was being made in factories on the other side of the world. I became frustrated with the quality and source of the things I was helping to sell. The dream job had turned into something I wasn't comfortable with.

I still loved my work, but decided that instead of becoming part of the retail machine, it was time to make something to be proud of down to the last detail.

The idea to make sunglasses came from growing up with perfect vision in a four-eyed family. I was always intrigued by glasses and could never find a pair of sunglasses that looked or fit right.

Making something really great requires control over the details. In an age where virtually every eyewear factory has moved out of the country, Capital needed its own production to be what I envisioned. I quit my job, rented a garage and set out to make sunglasses with the following goals in mind:

In House Manufacturing

If it can be made in house, make it in house. This leads to a unique product, higher quality and a fair price for you.

Less, But Better

You don't need more things, you need responsibly made things that last. We make every effort to ensure all our products will withstand the test of time in both style and quality.

Question Everything

Asking how or why at every step is the best way to improve. This is a never ending process that creates innovation, new ideas and ultimately, an outstanding product.

It's been a long road to get where we are now and there's been a ton of support from friends, family and employees along the way. We now design and handcraft some truly outstanding sunglasses under one roof in San Francisco, California, USA.

--Steven Kilzer
Founder/Designer Capital Eyewear


More than 80% of major eyewear brands are owned by one company. We are here to offer an alternative.