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Wood Sunglasses

Bonnie / Clyde Two tone wood sunglasses by Capital Eyewear

Doing It Right

The first time you see our wood sunglasses, you might think they are just a novelty. But as you pick them up and feel the warmth and texture of real wood or the hinges that stretch to fit just right, you can tell there is something more to these glasses. After trying them on it's clear that they aren't just good looking, but also a functional work of art made to last.

Every Frame is Unique

Each piece of wood we use has it's own unique characteristics. This makes every pair of wooden sunglasses we make a one of a kind item. You'll never see another pair that's exactly like yours.


Sealed up to 3 times for protection from moisture. Sweat, rain or changes in humidity will not damage them.


All our sunglasses are handmade with the finest materials and craftsmanship in the world.

Spring Hinges

Capital wood sunglasses use stretch-to-fit hinges which gives a comfortable and secure fit on a wide range of head sizes. See our size guide if you want to know more about sizes.

Strongest in the World

We treat all our wood sunglasses to bond natural fibers within the wood. This makes the frames much stronger than untreated wood could ever be without sacrificing the beauty and character of real natural wood.

American Hardwoods

We only use wood that is sourced from the USA. We have not and will never use any wood from rain-forests or endangered sources.

Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses

Simply the best optics in the world. Carl Zeiss is responsible for the optics in the Hubble Space Telescope, the camera lenses used for countless feature films and the lenses in all of our sunglasses.

Wood sunglasses frames being preped before hand sanding in San Francisco, California.

Wood frame glasses are cut to rough shape and prepped for sanding.

Each eyewear frame undergoes detailed hand sanding.

Each pair of wood sunglasses undergoes detailed hand sanding by highly trained artisans.

Making sunglasses requires thousands of different tools.

Our studio is filled with thousands of different tools. Each one has an important role in the production process.

We are always busy sanding eyeglass frames by hand in the USA.

The sound of sanding machines makes a steady hum as we work.

After being finished, sunglasses wait to have Carl Zeiss Vision lenses mounted in their frames.

Frames are finished and coated with strenghtening sealer before being fitted with lenses.

Carl Zeiss vision lenses being cut and fit in our San Francisco studio.

Carl Zeiss Vision sunglasses lenses are cut and fit to each frame in our studio.

Each pair of wooden sunglasses is different and requires handmade care to fit Carl Zeiss Vision lenses.

Wood sunglasses are measured and lenses are cut to match the size of each individual frame.

Spring hinges ready to be mounted in Capital Eyewear sunglasses.

Spring hinges are used in all our wood sunglasses because they can strech to securely fit many different head shapes and sizes.

Made in USA wooden Sunglasses with Carl Zeiss vision lenses finished ready to ship worldwide.

Temples are adjusted to the correct angles and frames are inspected for quality.

Our shop cat is always watching as we make sunglasses.

All Our Glasses Are Made With The Finest Materials & Craftsmanship in the World